I see math.


Which means I’m a walking ball of annoyance for my friends. But I’m a rockin’ amazing writer when it comes to math education.

With a metaphor collection as big as an elephant, and the occasional mention of a shaved llama, I can explain math to any audience. Or anything technical, for that matter.

You know those comedy defensive driving classes? I’m the math equivalent.

Pun intended.

I can write a math book for your oilfield workers. Or a series of blog posts for your educational toy store.

I can create supplemental math materials for subitizing in kindergarten circles or factoring in college classes.

I have a master’s degree in math – so you’re guaranteed to have rigor in the content. And everything I write gets filtered through 25 years of math teaching experience. I’ve watched and learned how students understand math – and I apply it to all my writing and videos.

Pick a tab below to see samples of the various things I’ve written and produced…

Math Learning

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Other Talents

Texas Oilfield Apps (design and programming of apps)

MathFour.com (graphic design and website development)

That’s Math! (CCSS based parent influence site)